Otherwise known as the scratching of chickens in the barnyard dirt.

About Bob

Bob & Kyra on the boat

What about Bob?

Yep, that’s me –> and my youngest (of three) zipping around on our little boat. And this, is the obligatory About page that seems to plague most web sites these days. If you’re here, I suppose you want to know a bit about who I am. Couldn’t find any paint to watch dry then?

In short, I’m a designer. For the old web, mobile web, and even print. Most days, I’m found either designing and/or developing user interfaces/experiences for websites and apps, or creating logos or branding materials. Folks call what I do a lot of different things, but I go with “designer”. It’s just easier. I’m not sure if that amounts to much of a title these days, but there you have it.

I’ve been working on this thing we call the web from the very early days, circa 1993. I was a teen mainframe/midrange engineer in those days, and I also supported my employer’s growing PC inventory. One day, someone said, “Holy crap, we need to be on the web! Like, now! Zoinks!” And all the RPG-II programmers in the room blinked at one another, then pretended to be reading something, then shook their heads and pointed at me and said, “Make him do it. He’s a kid!” To which I replied, “Cool“. So, I pointed my 9600kbps modem at the web, read lots, and then set about building a web server (on an IBM AS/400… shoot me). When no one wanted to contribute, I started writing the content and markup, and… twenty most-odd years later, I’m still at it. It’s the thing I find my nose in most often. Although when plied, I’m more like to bore you to death about Responsive Design or Mobile App UI than about hardware and communications gear.

So, there’s the day gig. I’m also an artist and illustrator in both traditional and digital media. I’ve always loved scratching images on a piece of anything with dry media (charcoal, graphite, et al). Although these days, my eldest daughter has me experimenting with the wet stuff: oils, acrylic, water color. Some day I’ll get some scans of my scribblings up in a portfolio here. I keep notebooks and pencils with me most places I go, in case the mood strikes. If I’m not drawing something, writing about it, or (lately) modeling it in Blender/Unity3D, then I’m probably preoccupied with one of 9 or so musical instruments I keep laying about.

Michele & Bob
So, that’s my work/creative life. Outside of the gig, I’m also a husband and a father of three. If I’m honest, those four wonderful people define me more than I ever could. My life with them allowed me to grow into who I am, and do what I do. That single guy from the days of yore couldn’t have hoped to accomplish the things that I now do every day.

Free moments in life will find all five of us crammed on our little boat in North Carolina (with one or more dogs), and watching the stresses of life drift away. Catch a fish, swim a bit… float. It’s zen. If I’m not there, I’m either watching an Arsenal FC match, coaching or managing my kids’ soccer teams, or sometimes even playing soccer myself, in the local old guy league. I have what you call the bug when it comes to soccer. It’s an affliction, really.

Nutshell closed.

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