Otherwise known as the scratching of chickens in the barnyard dirt.

Gads… no time, people.

The Persistence of Dali
This post is simply to indicate that I haven’t actually fallen off a cliff, into an abyss, or off the edge of the planetary disc (for you flat-earthers out there). I have just been ridiculously busy for the past six months or so. I do still have plans for this website and its content, but like many things these days, they have been continually put upon the back burner in favor of other priorities. I’ll assume, for moment, that you know how that goes.

Writing – On temporary hiatus. Not blocked, just de-prioritized. The 30,ooo words of the manuscript I’m working on simmer in the back of my mind, along with all the ideas I have for the rest of the story.

Arsenal – Things are lovely, so far. We’re halfway through a tough November schedule with decent results which see us right where you get your dinner. Yes… atop the table. Mesut Özil? Yes, please. Will The Professor do business in January? Probably not, but I’m ok with that. Honestly, I’m pretty happy with the squad as it is. I’m just afraid that if we don’t add depth in the attack and OG12 does his hamstring, we’ll be in a whole world of Bendtner. I’m happy that Nick is back and seemingly putting in a good shift when he’s out there, but we need more options.

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