Otherwise known as the scratching of chickens in the barnyard dirt.

Mind The Gap!

arsenal_tubeYes, I do realize the that the Premier League has been over near three weeks now, and I have been meaning to write a post, but… well, I’ve just now gotten done laughing. Just now. This very moment.

I’ve had many, many reasons to laugh at our rivals over the years. You know to whom I refer, yes? Those lily white fools up the Seven Sisters Road. To think, that once again, they started all this “Mind The Gap” nonsense early in the year, only to be thwarted yet again… is just too funny. I nearly pissed myself with laughter on the final day of the season. And, to make it all the more sweet… Lord Sugar goes and tweets to his ilk that Newcastle had equalized, and all the Sp*rs faithful began to celebrate at Shite Hart Lane as if they’d won the league. Then, the look of utter defeat on their faces as word filtered throughout the ground that Arsenal had won. Priceless.

Yes, Arsenal had won… their tenth consecutive match without a loss. Arsenal’s weakest, some argue, since the invincibles… finished fourth, one place ahead of Tottenham’s best team ever. Ever.

I hope you all had a wonderful St. Totteringham’s Day!


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