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Ooh, to be a Gooner

Arsenal_LogoSo, another season is done and dusted. Arsène said it himself, this was an incredibly weird season. Our worst start in I don’t know how many years, key injuries which left us thin at all areas of the pitch… we lost games we should have won, and won games we should have lost. The loss of Jack Wilshere in a preseason friendly, the loss of both starting fullbacks for several months in the middle of the season… we were tested at every turn this season.

And the result? Third in the league. Our Captain, Robin van Persie, pulling the Golden Boot, PFA Player of the Year, and the Sports Writer’s Player of the Year among others. Automatic qualification for the Champions League next season, which is more that can be said for that lot up the Seven Sisters Road. So…. not bad, not bad at all. The boys ought to be proud. Very proud. They held it together and delivered us a St. Totteringham’s Day on the final day of the season. Now, it’s time to breathe. Just a bit.

The future looks bright for Arsenal. With Lukas Podolski signing on, and hopefully some more new faces in the off season, Jack returning to the first team… things can only get better. I, for one, am very excited for what’s to come in the 2012-13 season. With United and City joined at the hip in first and second, it’s going to be one hell of a task to break through. And, I can’t wait.

Thank you, Arsenal, Arsène and the squad, for another wonderful season. And best wishes to Pat Rice, retiring after 44 years with the club. A true legend.

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