FC Athletico

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FC Athletico is a project that I have worked with several times since they opened as a new soccer club. The client, Coach Tinashe Mugabe, had a very clear idea of his branding, logo, colors, etc. and required assistance with setting up and navigating a new backend application for content management. I handled all [...]


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EPSRCA.com is a website that I created for Fadi Rahal, a world-renowned mentor in the realm of Effective Problem Solving, who teaches globally. Fadi and I worked together to craft the logo, brand, and then his website, a full eCommerce solution for booking his seminars and teaching sessions.


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BioEvergreen contracted me to design their logos and branding. Projects like this, where the client has no idea what they want, and gives me free reign to design as I wish, can be the most fun projects, but also the most challenging. For a brand new company, with almost no history to research, it makes [...]


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An old friend of mine came to me with a challenge: he wanted to know if the fictitious brand of scotch, Glengoolie, from the hit animated show "Archer", could be made into a real-world label. I accepted the challenge. I borrowed heavily from the Glenfidditch brand, of course, which is (most likely) the brand that [...]

kgb Mobile Apps

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Back in the old days (2009!), I was fortunate enough to be working at a company called kgb, Inc. with a very talented group of folks from the UK. We were given the green light to start designing and building mobile apps for the company, at the time, a very new technology. I and a [...]

USA Elite Academy

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USA Elite Academy required logos for their new programs, and had absolutely no direction, colors, etc. They asked that I come up with something entirely from scratch. After quite a few pencil sketches in my notebooks, I digitized these two concepts, and they accepted the first one immediately upon seeing it.